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The total size of the e-commerce market is approaching $2 trillion yearly. People love buying products online. They enjoy shopping from home in a low-pressure environment, comparing prices and buying items without pushing through crowds or fighting for parking spots. If your business isn't selling its products on the web yet, you're neglecting a huge potential market. 

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How E-Commerce Websites Work

  Over the years, building a website has become much easier than it once was. You no longer need technical expertise or programming ability to build a simple, functional business website. Unfortunately, the same isn't true of building an e-commerce website.

To build an e-commerce website, you need product pages with images and unique text descriptions. You need a shopping cart platform that makes it possible for customers to create accounts, add products to their carts and check out. 

You also need a payment system with the ability to calculate shipping costs and process credit card transactions. Setting up an e-commerce website is a major undertaking, and many businesses simply don't have the resources to do it themselves.

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At Peak Evolve Mobile Web Solutions, we build e-commerce websites that create delightful shopping experiences for online buyers -- regardless of the devices that they use to get online. We'll even help you get your product pages online and integrate your website with a payment processor. Contact us today to begin selling your products to buyers anywhere in the world.

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Our e-Commerce Features Include

  • An easy-to-use online shopping experience for your customers.
  • Fast loading shopping cart system.
  • Easy for customers to search or browse for products naturally.
  • Allows customers to filter product categories by certain criteria (color, size, etc).
  • Is secure and provides for encrypted purchases.
  • Captures user's email for follow up marketing.
  • Easy to use Administrative Control panel to control your online store.
  • Provides you with detailed reporting capabilities so you can view your top sellers, top buyers, inventory reports, orders by date, month, and more.
  • Makes it easy for you to update and maintain your product inventory
  • Intelligently suggests products to clients based on what they've viewed or added to their shopping cart (upset)
  • Reordering products in a snap
  • Ability to offer coupons, discounts on shipping and other specials
  • Offers customer rewards to incentivize further repeat sales & referrals
  • Seamlessly integrates with multiple shipping carriers & multiple banks
  • Customers can review & rate products (more social interaction)
  • Integrate social media components so your customers can spread the word out far and wide!
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