If your website has a solid library of informational articles and blog posts, you can expect to receive a steady stream of traffic from search engines every day. However, many of the people who visit your website to read articles aren't ready to buy yet. E-mail gives you a way to keep your company fresh in visitors' minds until they're ready to become customers.

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E-mail Is a Controllable Traffic Source

Many businesses receive the majority of their web traffic from Google. Google isn't a controllable traffic source, though, because its ranking algorithms change regularly. Your business may receive plenty of web traffic from Google now, but an algorithm change could cause your traffic -- and your earnings -- to suddenly decrease. Building an email list can help your company weather difficult times because it gives you a source of traffic that you can control. Have you released a new product? Do you have a sale coming up? Broadcast it to your mailing list. If your list is large enough, you'll earn money from every mass message that you send.

E-mail Nurtures Website Leads

Consumers tend to spend time researching local companies online before they make buying decisions. A person who casually visits your website probably isn't ready to buy from any company immediately -- and if that person leaves your website without buying, he or she may never come back. That's why so many businesses try to capture the email addresses of casual website visitors. Having a visitor's email address gives you the ability to market to that person after he or she leaves your website. 

Start Marketing With E-Mail Now

It's time for your business to harness the power of e-mail. We'll show you how to add lead magnets to your website that encourage people to give you their email addresses. We'll also set up marketing campaigns that nurture your leads and engage your existing customers. 

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