Google earns money in a variety of different ways, but their most important source of revenue is advertising. 

Google processes tens of thousands of searches each second -- and many of the results pages for those searches contain advertisements for local companies just like yours. With pay-per-click advertising, you can claim prime real estate at the top of the results page for the keywords of your choice.
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The Pitfall of Advertising on Google

Launching a pay-per-click campaign on Google isn't hard, but achieving profitability can be difficult. First, you need to identify the search terms that serious buyers are most likely to use. Next, you need to choose the correct amount to pay for each click. Different search terms produce customers at different rates -- and some of the people who click your advertisements won't become customers. If your bid per click is too low, no one will see your advertisements. If your bid is too high, you'll lose money. When you advertise in a heavily populated area such as New York, you can lose money on pay-per-click advertising very quickly.

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

Google uses AdWords -- its internal advertising platform -- to allow advertisers to bid for traffic. Using AdWords, you'll first select the keywords for which you'd like your advertisement to appear. For example, a plumber in Brooklyn might want to bid on keywords such as "Brooklyn plumber" and "Brooklyn toilet installation." Next, you'll tell Google how much you'd like to pay for each person who visits your website through an advertisement. If you bid more than your competitors, Google will show your advertisement more often -- and you'll receive more traffic. You won't pay Google unless people click your advertisement.

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At Peak Evolve Mobile Web Solutions, we have the experience necessary to help your company navigate Google's tricky advertising system and find your way to success. Contact us now for help developing a profitable, sustainable advertising campaign.

We have plans for every budget, local and national capabilities.  We can help you figure out the right budget to accomplish your goals and start increasing inbound leads through search engine and social media pay per click advertising today!

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