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Optimize your entire system through a, one-site, multi-platform, user-friendly website.

Smartphones and tablets have changed the world. A mobile device is more convenient to use than a PC, and it enables its owner to have a great web browsing experience anywhere. 

Mobile devices have become so popular that they now generate more total web traffic than computers. When someone uses a mobile device to visit a website, that person expects a great experience. Responsive website design delivers that experience.

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Responsive Website Design is a one system website platform with automatically adjusts, adapts and evolves to the size of the screen your website is being viewed on.  It is the most advanced and professional website design system in place today and it is what consumers expect and demand.  

Smartphones are the new computers, so to have a desktop oriented layout on a tablet or mobile device is going to turn-off and repel the majority of the visitors to your website.  

We are experts in responsive design and understand where internet and website viewing is headed, and we embrace the best technology in this space to help your business stand out on the screens of your customers.  
Responsive Website Design, Peak Evolve

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design allows you to have a single website for all of your customers -- regardless of the devices that they use to get online. A responsive design is appropriate for any screen size; words and images automatically change positions and sizes for maximum readability on a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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Why Is Mobile Optimization Important?

If you've spent some time browsing the web on your mobile phone, you already know why responsive design is so important. If a website doesn't have specific optimizations for mobile devices, it is almost impossible to use on phones. Links and buttons are too small to tap. Images don't fit on the screen -- and when you pinch to view them, text becomes too small to read. If a website isn't optimized for mobile devices, a smartphone user will quickly leave that website and find one that provides a better experience. 
Mobile optimization can also affect the amount of traffic that your website receives from Google. Mobile devices contribute more than half of Google's total search volume, and providing the best possible search results for all users is always Google's top priority. Google will actually give your company a ranking bonus if your website has a mobile-friendly design.

Our Custom Responsive Design Package Comes With:

Fully Responsive Website
SEO Optimized Site For Keywords
Managed 24/7 for Optimal Performance
Lifetime Updates & Improvements
Optimized Images and Galleries
Domain Name & Registration
Amazon Web Services Hosting
100% Safe & Encrypted Website (https://)
Analytics Dashboard 
User-friendly Editing Platform (Drag & Drop)
Business-Driving Features (Click-to-call/email)
Social Media Integration
Personalized Customization --> Special offers, coupons
Testimonials, Reviews, Yelp Integration
Blogging Platform & Integration
Customizable URL's for each page
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Peak Evolve Mobile Web Solutions from Long Island New York, specializes in designing mobile-friendly websites for businesses all over the country. 

Contact us now to learn more about how we can get your business ready for the mobile web.  We can boost your online conversions, increase inbound leads, improve your advertising ROI, and most importantly, help your search engine rankings.

We can provide a mockup/example of your website in 24 hours.  Get in touch for a demo.

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