Why Mobile? 

Google's New Algorithm Favors Mobile Sites
Mobile-friendly websites are seeing a boost in google search rankings, and a substantial increase in website traffic, while sites that are not "mobile-friendly" are seeing a drop in search rankings due to Google's new search algorithm.  


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By Evan Pomeranz 19 Sep, 2017

Is your business in a sales slump it just can't seem to beat?

Well, perhaps you haven't tried digital marketing.

For starters, digital marketing isn't just another way to spend your marketing dollars. It gives you a reach and an understanding of your customers that you can't get using any other way.

A digital marketing company can help you leverage digital marketing tools to cost-effectively compete with large organizations so that you can grow your business.

Let's explore the 5 key ways they do it.

By Evan Pomeranz 12 Sep, 2017

Whether we realize it or not, our user experience dictates a lot of the products we use.

When buying a car, we consider how easy it is to find information on the dashboard.

When we shop for new appliances we think about what tasks they'll help us accomplish.

And when we use mobile apps or visit websites on our phones, we tend to like the ones that are the most intuitive.

We want to be able to find everything we need or navigate to any screen without having to be told how.

A great user experience is expected now, and if your mobile UX strategy is lacking, your business could suffer because of it.

Read on to learn why overlooking mobile UX could be hurting your business, and how to fix the problem.

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